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Progress related to Quality Interventions for the Financial Year : 2008-09

Information regarding progress related to quality interventions in respect to all the States/UTs for the year 2008-09 upto June 2008

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Laerning Achievement of Class III Students

The elementary education is intended to develop basic abilities in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Life skills, necessary for the children to grow and be able to lead a better life. The acquisition of basic competencies in the domain of literacy and numeracy is more important than the competencies in other related areas. The class III being in the middle of Primary stage assumes more significance from the point of knowing the learning of achievement as well as for initiating mid-stage corrections so that students acquire essential competencies at the end of Primary stage.

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Learning Achievement of Students at the end of Class V

The Education is intended to develop basic learning skills, reading, writing, arithmetic and life skills, necessary for the children to survive and improve the quality of life. During childhood, developments in the domains of literacy and numeracy take place through acquisition of basic learning competencies (BLC). These competencies represent levels of learning in a particular subject comprising basic knowledge, understanding, abilities, interests, attitudes and values. The competencies are essentially to be acquired by the end of a particular stage or standard of education.

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SSA Focus on Quality Issues in Elementary Education

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, a flagship programme of Government of India for the promotion of Universalisation of Elementary Education, has several features that seek to improve the quality of elementary education. The physical spaces of schools can be transformed into learning spaces only if certain basic provisioning is ensured. This provisioning includes, inter alia, an adequate number of teachers in schools, facilities for training of teachers, structures to provide regular on site academic support, grants to facilitate development of teaching learning material to aid classroom instruction, textbooks for children from special focus groups etc.

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Monitoring Quality Dimesions of Elementary Education

The National Curriculum Framework 2005 has strongly articulated the need for a substantial improvement in the quality of education. The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) also emphasizes the significance of quality education and suggests various parameters to be addressed in State and district plans to achieve the desired goal.

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Breif Note on CAL

It was felt that use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and computers in the form of Computer Aided Learning (CAL) may help in achieving the said objectives. Keeping this in view, a component of computer education was kept under the Functional Head of ‘Innovation’ in the framework of SSA.

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