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Minutes of 27th Quarterly Review Meeting of Finance Controllers

Minutes of 25thrd Quarterly Review Meeting of Finance Controllers of States Implementation Socities

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File Type/Size
1.Minutes of meetingpdf/73.3 KB
2.Status of Audit 2009-10 
3.Detail of Releases towards SSA (Annexure-B) 
4.Annexure - A (Participants List)xls/ 45.5 KB
5.Annex AA - Presentation by NR held in secy confpdf/23.4 KB
6.Annex AB - Cap build of Accounts by Ar. Pradeshppt/92.5 KB
7.Annex AC - Trans in Tendering process by Jharkhandxls/932 KB
8a.Annex AD - Procurement Procedure by K. Gopalanpdf/230 KB
8b Annex - AD Procurement Plan-2003-04 
9.Annex AE - MMR Analysis by Anamika Mehta 
10.Annex AF - Team Ixls/ 14.8 MB
11.Annex AG - Team IIxls/79 KB
12.Annex AH - Team IIIxls/4.51 MB
13.Annex B - Agenda for 27 Review Meetingpdf/ 116 KB
14.Annexure-D to H (Financial Statement) as on 28.10.10pdf/26  KB
15.Annex I - Web based Monitoring of funds.pdf/332 KB
16.Annex J -  Mode of transfer of fundspdf/33 KB
17Annex K - Status of Bank Reconciliation as on 30 Sep 2010 
18Annex L - status on revised VEC Manual 
19Annex M - status of submission of Audit Report 
20.Annex N - status of submission of Annual Reportxls/12.8 KB
21.Annex O - status of Staffing Structurexls/25.5 KB
22.Annex P - Status of Training of Staff of Accounts and Internal Audit 
23.Annex Q - Status of intenal auditppt/22.5 KB
24.Annex R - QPR-Sept. 2010ppt/16.5 KB
25.Annex S - Presentation by SSA Assam on staffingppt/25 KB
26. Annex T - Preparations and Completion of Audit 
27. Annex U - Presentation UP 
28. Annex V - Coordination with functional coordinators-MP 
29.Annex W - FMAction-Group-1 
30. Annex X - Action Plan 
31. Annex Y - Status of FM Action Plan 
32. Annex Z - ATR_IAW by Karnataka 

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