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Minutes of 26th Quarterly Review Meeting of Finance Controllers

Minutes of 25thrd Quarterly Review Meeting of Finance Controllers of States Implementation Socities

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File Type/Size
1.Minutes of meetingpdf/73.3 KB
2.Annexure - A (Participants List)xls/ 45.5 KB
3.Annex AA - 12 JRM - 19-30 July, 2010pdf/23.4 KB
4.Annex AB - Karnataka presppt/92.5 KB
5.Annex AB - procurement planxls/932 KB
6.Annex AB - Procurement procedurepdf/230 KB
7.Annex B - Agenda for 26 Review Meeting 
8.Annex C - presntation SSA Punjabxls/ 14.8 MB
9.Annex D to H - Financial Statement 30th Junexls/79 KB
10.Annex I -  Mode of transfer of fundsxls/4.51 MB
11.Annex J - status on revised VEC Manualpdf/ 116 KB
12.Annex L - status of submission of Audit Reportpdf/26  KB
13.Annex M - status of submission of Annual Reportpdf/332 KB
14.Annex N - Web based Monitoring of fundspdf/33 KB
15Annex O - Status of Bank Reconciliation as on 30 June 2010 
16Annex P - Status of intenal audit 
17Annex Q - Status of Training of Staff of Accounts 
18.Annex R - status of Staffing Structurexls/12.8 KB
19.Annex S - Presnetation on Maintenance of books of accountsxls/25.5 KB
20aAnnex T1 - Bihar BRS 
20b.Annex T - Presnetation on Maintenance of Bank Reconciliation Statementppt/22.5 KB
21.Annex U -  compliance of IPAI observationsppt/16.5 KB
22.Annex V - Financial Monitoring-Amita Singlappt/25 KB
23. Annex V - FMAP- Jharkhand 
24. Annex W1 - presentation UP 
25. Annex W - Internal Audit with New figures as on 30-06-2010 
26. Annex X1 - Capacity building AP 
27. Annex X - Capacity Building of Accounts and Internal Audit Staff 
28. Annex Y - Compliance of Audit presentation 
29. Annex Y - Gujarat 
30. Annex Z - Orissa 
31. Annex Z compliance of audit reports 

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